Face Mask for Younger and Beautiful Skin! Try these Methods!!

Face Mask

Everyone deserves to look younger. Most of them are struggling to maintain their skin. Avoid the use of chemicals for your skin. It gives only temporarily glow, later it will cause wrinkles. Here we are going to see about natural face masks for younger and Beautiful skin.

Fruit Yogurt Face Mask

Bananas are very good for our health and it gives you instant energy. Now we are going to see about Banana with Orange and yogurt face mask. This face mask repairs your dead skin because Orange is rich in Vitamin C.

Things required

Banana -1

Orange juice- 3 tablespoons

Yogurt-2 tablespoons

Preparation Method

Make Banan into a paste. Mix orange juice and Yogurt with Banana paste. Stir it well. Apply this face mask on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes. Wash your face after 15 minutes, your face will be bright. Do it for once in a week.

Egg Whites Face mask

Egg whites help to tighten your loose skin. Applying egg whites for your face will reduce your skin wrinkles. Mixing Egg whites with honey. Apply this mixture on your face. It will be more beneficial for your skin because honey is rich in antibacterial properties. It is very good for your skin.

Essential things

Egg white-1

Lemon juice -1 tablespoon

Honey-1 tablespoon

Preparation method

Mix egg white, honey and lemon juice in a bowl. Stir it well. Apply this mixture on your face Leave it for minimum 15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water. You will feel fresh and beautiful skin. Try this method at least once in a week to have greater benefits.

Avoid Soaps for your face

Avoid using soaps for your face. Use face wash to have beautiful skin. Because one famous proverb clearly says “Face is the index of your mind”. Keep smiling always. Smiling will makes your face beautiful and young.



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