Almonds: 9 Health Benefits of Eating Almonds


Almonds are considered as one among the healthy nuts. There are numerous health benefits of almonds. They are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and mono-saturated fats. Consuming almonds will reduce your weight and keeps you always young and energetic. The benefits of eating almonds are given below.

It Lower Your Cholesterol

Almonds are an excellent source of Mono-saturated fats. This lowers the LDL contents in our body. It increases the amount of good fat content in our body. A study by David Jenkins MD, states an important information. people who are all consuming handful of almonds every day lower their bad cholesterol level.

Improves Brain Power

Almonds are rich in riboflavin and L-carnitine. Which improves the growth of brain cells. It contains  Phenylalanine which is a brain boosting chemical. It helps our brain to do all cognitive functions.

Strengthen Bones and Teeth

They are rich in calcium and phosphorous, which improves our bone strength. It prevents osteoporosis caused by the calcium deficiency most common in females.

Prevents Anemia

Almonds are rich in iron. Eating a handful of it daily will prevent you from Anemia.It will increase your hemoglobin levels in your blood stream.

Weight Maintenance

Eating a handful of almonds daily will reduce your fat content. It maintains your healthy weight because of protein, fiber, vitamins containing in it.

Prevents Hair fall

The main reason for hair falling is lack of nutrients. Almonds are rich in protein, copper, iron. This will helps to have strong and healthy hair. It prevents hair fall.


Almonds are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E. This will make you younger always by preventing free radicals cell damage. Also, it will prevent you from cancer causing agents.

Skin health

Apply almond oil to your skin at least once in a week. Almond oil is rich in moisturizer which will make your skin young and beautiful always.

Healthy Nerves and Muscles

The magnesium content in almond helps healthy muscle and nervous system. It also helps to maintain healthy bone tissue, improves metabolism. So start to eat a handful of almonds daily to stay healthy and fit.


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