Honey: 15 Medicinal Health Benefits of Honey!!

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is the amazing thing obtained from flowers by the work of Honey Bees. Honey contains many medicinal benefits. We are going to see all the medicinal  health benefits of honey.

Weight Loss

Honey improves our body health. Mix Honey with warm water. Drink this mixture every morning in empty stomach. You will be slim within a month. Honey Strengthens your body.

Remedy For Vomit, Cold and Headache

Mix Honey with Lemon juice. Drinking this mixture will cures Headache, Vomit, Cold and Throat problems.

Improves Your Eyesight

Mix Onion Juice with Honey. Drinking this mixture will Improves your eyesight. You can avoid most of the eye problems.

Cures Asthma

Mix Honey, Milk and Eggs together. Consuming this mixture will relieves you from asthma and other Respiratory problems.

Cures Cough and Cold

If you have cough, Cold and other Respiratory problems, do not worry. Mix Barley Gruel and honey. Drink this mixture you have good Improvement.

Cures Heart Disease

Mix equal amount of Honey and Pomegranate Juice . Drink this mixture regularly. It will improves your heart health and avoids heart disease.

Cures Anemia

Mix Honey with Milk. Drink this mixture daily. It will cures Anemia. If you want to raise your Hemoglobin level you need to consume honey regularly. It increases our  volume of blood .

Heals Swellings

Mix Lime powder with Honey. Apply this mixture on your swelling area . your swelling will be reduced.

Heals Wounds

Consuming Honey with Fish oil heals our wounds. If you have wound to heal, consume honey with fish oil.

Cures Rheumatoid

Boil Black Cumin seeds in water. Mix honey with that. Drink that mixture daily to cure Rheumatic Disease.

Stomach Pain

If you have stomach pain don’t worry. Apply honey on your Belly button surroundings. This will gives a immediate relief.

Strengthens Your Liver

Mixing honey with either lemon or milk strengthens your Liver. So consume honey to have healthy liver.

Nerve problems

Mix half ounce of honey with half ounce of ginger Juice. Consume this mixture daily .It will cures your nerve problems, Increases your blood.

Cures Stomach Ulcer

Consuming two tea spoons of honey before meal will cures your Stomach Ulcers. So consume honey to cure your Ulcer problems.

Delays Ageing

If you want to be Younger always, Consume two table spoons of honey daily. This will makes you younger and healthier. So try to consume at-least a tea spoon of honey per day to live healthy.