12 tips to make a woman happy during pregnancy


What makes a woman happier?

Utmost happiness to a woman is being a MOM. Giving birth to a child is the most exciting experience in the life of a married couple’s.

What sort of pain does she undergo?

Normally, a human can sustain 45 Del units of pain. But a woman in her delivery time undergoes 57 Del units of pain. This is almost similar to 20 bones getting fractured simultaneously.

What kind of changes she faces?

Physical Changes:

Her body structure may change due to additional supplement as she has to take food for two people.

Emotional Changes:

Generally, she is scared of giving birth. She becomes stressful, more anxious and nervous.

Hormonal Changes:

Sense of smell, taste and sight completely alter due to hormonal changes. In addition to this, there are changes in heart and kidney functions as well as physiological changes to the uterus and breasts.

To make her happy during those precious months, show your continuous support and unconditional love.

Here are few tips to make her happy during pregnancy

  1. Be available for her always.
  2. Accompany her for a walk. She might feel peaceful when you are with her.
  3. They feel nauseated and get tired soon. Give her some rest by helping her in domestic works, help her in cooking, wash the utensils and clean the room.
  4. Make a note on doctor appointments and be available on particular day. Your presence will make her happy.
  5. Appraise her in everything she does.
  6. Give her an additional pillow on bed for her. As they are suggested to sleep sideways, pillow will be a great comfort.
  7. She may not look beautiful because of physical changes. Don’t criticize her. Instead tell her how beautiful she is and how you are lucky to have her in your life.
  8. Express your love on her and the little one’s arrival.
  9. Give her foot massages. It will make her to feel relaxed.
  10. They tend to forget the things very often as they undergo hormonal changes. Be patient to her in all the situations.
  11. Help her in doing yoga and meditation. Be humorous and make her happy all the time.
  12. Their mood swings because of hormonal changes. Understand and cuddle her when she needs you.

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