7 Tips to surprise your girl | How to surprise your lover

Every girl wishes for a sweet surprise from their beloved. Though girls expect much from their beloved yet satisfying them with small cute surprises is very easy. A simple sweet surprise can bring the ultimate happiness. It has the power to solve all sorts of problem. It’s lovely to see the astonishment when something totally unexpected happens.

Few surprises are listed out here. Make use of these small tips to make her happy.

  1. Make A Surprise Trip

In a family where both the couples are working, it would be difficult for them to go out often. In spite of all those busy stuff, plan for a small trip in the weekend and surprise her. Take her to the place where she longs to go.

  1. Go For a Night Ride

Girls love to go for a night ride. Take her out and don’t reveal her where you are taking her to. Let it be a surprise for her.

  1. Gift Her What She Loves

If she is a pet lover, gift the pet on her birthday at 12 AM. Take her to the beach and gift a pendant or a silver ring. Buy her an ice cream in the mid-night. If she is planning to buy something, make a note and surprise her by presenting it on the next day.

  1. Candle Light Dinner

Throw a surprise dinner for her when she’s late from office. Whether you cook well or not, it doesn’t matter to her. Taking a step to cook for her matters the most.

  1. Send Her A Love Letter

Handwritten love letters have more live feelings than printed cards. Write a letter with valuable words like Sorry, Miss you, Love you, Thanks and keep it on her table. Don’t fail to see the emotions of her while reading the letter. It really works.

  1. Surprise Visit

When you are not available to her due to your office work for a week or a month or a year, plan for a surprise visit while returning. Such happiness is rare and memorable. That sweet memory stays close to heart.

  1. Buy Her What She Wishes

Take her for a random shopping and buy her whatever she wishes. Food, Dress, Movie, Places. Fulfill her desires wherever and whatever it is.

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